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  • These terms and conditions have been releasedby and for site for every client to approve and commit to the following terms and conditions:-
  • Terms of the service
  • If the client signed up for an account on by this he agrees to the terms and conditionsany new services added to the current service offer will also be subjected to terms of the service holds the right to update and change terms of the service by publishing the updates and changes on the website we advise the clients to check the terms of the service from time to time for any updates or changes that may affect them .
  • Account usage:-
  • The client will be single handedly responsible for any action performed in the account at anytime the account password will be kept safely informs immediately for any security breach or unauthorized usage .
  • The client is responsible for any data required for the usage of the account The client must provide with correct, complete and precise information Any breach or break of any of the terms of the service provided by sole estimation will lead to immediate termination of the client service .
  • Client support:
  • Clients have the right to fully access client support services immediately after paying the full subscription Technical support is only available for payed account holders and is available only through email, WhatsApp or phone calls for registered account holders Clients support includes setting service (which is leading visitors or new users to your offer).Every subscribed client has a personal account through which he can register newborns of his own farm,save his stallion notifications and return to it whenever he desires Every client has the right to publish those breeds and link them to the father and mother to form a pedigree to publish and search for by name in the search engine Subscribed client can see any data regarding any horse or stallion on the website and see it's report The client cannot enter any data without a specific subscription Subscription period begins by the first day the client creates the account and expires by the end of period of each type of subscription The site cannot make the client pay for more than one subscription incase he is subscribed to a certain type by the site The client cannot claim any refund after subscription,creating and use of the account The client cannot upload any ads (stallion, horses for sale)without the full payment of these ads .
  • Privacy policy :
  • Each account has a passcode specific for the subscribed client only and the account cannot be used by any other person Save account data for each subscribed client will not reveal any classified client's information except for those required for providing the service Classified information are those which include any data submitted to us that are not publicly known .
  • Every subscribed client will have personal account from within he can register his farm new borns , save his sir ( Stallion ) notifications and retun to it whateve he desires .
  • Every client has the right to publish those breeds & link it to the fathe and mother and form a pedigree tree which he can published search for by name into search engine .
  • Subscibed client can see any data regarding any horse or stallion found on the site and see it's special report .
  • No client can enter any data without a specific subscibtion .
  • Subscribtion period begins from the first day the client signs up for an account and ends by the end of the specific peiod for each subscibtion .
  • The Site can't make the client subscribe and pay fo more than one subscribtion incase he is in a special subscribtion by the site .
  • The client can't claim a refund after subscribtion , sign up and usage .
  • A client Can't upload an ad of stallion for comparison whithout paying the cost for the ad .


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